Below are links to some websites that you may find useful.
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Training Equipment:

Forelock and Load – Shooting and Equestrian supplies
The shop itself is located in Barrow, near Bury St Edmunds and is well with a visit both online and in person.

Muntjac Trading – Gundog Training Equipment

Sporting Saint – Gundog Training Equipment

Lez Graham Retrieving Roll

Training/long line (3m)
Mikki Lightweight Training line – Amazon

Fieldsports Photography:

Matthew Nutt Photography
Matt regularly attends training sessions to capture your dogs in action. You can view and order your photos through his website

Recommended Books and DVDs:
(Clicking on the book name will take you to a separate site where you can purchase the book)

The Pet Gundog Puppy’ – Lez Graham (Book & DVD)

The Pet Gundog’ – Lez Graham (Book & DVD)

The Advanced Pet Gundog’ – Lez Graham (Book & DVD)

‘Total Recall’ (Book) – Pippa Mattinson